On today’s show, I talk with my dear friend Carole Sanek of Butterfly Boom Productions about the loss of her epic love, her husband, Larry. Their love story was Notebook esq and she is open about how the loss completely threw her off course. She had big plans and those plans included and depended on Larry. Listen in as she shares how she’s been grieving and making new plans and moving forward in the most aggressively optimistic way.







Carole’s main work within her company is branding people and content writing for clients. She is also an award-winning blogger, a public speaker, and she has a FB Live streaming talk every Tuesday evening called #ThriveLive encouraging people to thrive and not just survive in life. Carole is currently working on a book titled Fractured – But Still Beating about the sudden death of her husband and how this has totally turned her life around. Fractured will also be a podcast in 2020 where Carole will be talking with thought leaders on grieving, other people who grieve, and she plans to read segments from her book.

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