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On today’s episode of the Aggressive Optimism Podcast, Jenna talks to Speaker, Coach and FBI trained hostage negotiator, Scott Harvey about retirement plans, eating under the stars and making time for your dreams.

“I knew this was not a forever plan, this was just a season.”







Scott Harvey is a husband, father, retired police officer, and a professional speaker and coach. He spent 20 years as an FBI trained Hostage Negotiator and a Public Information Officer, so he understands the power of communication to tell a story and change behavior. Scott began intentionally growing his speaking career as a Side Gig back in 2010 because he knew he would be eligible to retire from police work in 2018 at 43 years of age. He understood early on that a public pension was not going to allow him to retire on a beach sipping fruity drinks, and that’s not really his style anyway! So, his company, Speaking of Harvey became his “retirement” plan. He used vacation time from the police department to speak all over the country until he was able to retire from his “day job”. Scott has done over 500 paid presentations to over 100,000 people in the last nine years! He now uses his experiences as a negotiator, a husband, a dad, and a professional communicator to help people grow their businesses and lead more successful lives.


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