Aggressive Optimism Podcast – Michelle Eades – Past Lives Empowerment

In this episode of the Aggressive Optimism Podcast, I talk with Past Lives Intuitive, Michelle Eades about how she came to understand her gift, what it is exactly and how she uses it to help herself and others gain empowerment and insight while helping them heal for future generations.

“I see past lives like they’re movies on a screen in my head.”







Michelle has spent much of her life navigating the path of anxiety and feeling like she simply doesn’t fit in to the everyday world. Realising she was psychic and always had been helped her find her path. Discovering the value of exploring past lifetimes to make sense of current life challenges was like turning on a light and showed her that there was always another point of view and another story being experienced.

A journey which has involved answering one not so simple question, “Who Am I”, has brought her to a place where she believes that Oracle Card guidance and Past Life exploration, combined with a well-developed sense of curiosity, are the key tools needed for making sense of this thing called ‘Life’.

To learn more about Michelle and what she does please visit her website

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