Life in a Teardrop

And we’re off…we hope

It’s still dark as we rise out of our friend’s futon with a sense of excitement and apprehension…

The day before, we had spent hours loading and organizing all our belongings into the 64 square feet that would be our living space for the duration of our trip.

Due to several factors, we weren’t able to take “Tina the T@G along,” our little teardrop out on a trial voyage before we set out on the open road. This would prove to make the first week of our trip a little challenging starting with what we were currently experiencing, which was the fact that the Jeep set too low for us to be able to to hook the trailer up once everything was loaded.

The night before, after we had loaded all our items into the Jeep and Teardrop, we excitedly tried to hook the trailer up, the sun was quickly setting and we were hours behind schedule. We were hungry, tired and frustrated as we pushed the light trailer around, trying to find a way to get it to hitch to the Jeep. It was not working. Our friend came home and saw what was happening and graciously offered us a play to crash for the night. So, we did.

Now, we were ready to start again. It was still not light out but, we had brainstormed a plan the night before and eagerly got up and put it into action. Our friend’s driveway was on a hill, and the street down below had a small incline that we could park the Jeep on so that the hitch sat a bit higher and we could (fingers crossed) get the trailer hitch to finally lock into place. We wheeled the trailer by hand (thank goodness it’s so light) down the driveway and pulled it up to the Jeep to hitch it on. As we were twisting the crank that raised the trailer up, the crank came out in my hands. “That’s not good,” I thought holding the crank up for Craig to see. Doubt began to set in, but there was still more hope and excitement than doubt so we continued.

We got the trailer hooked to the Jeep and with a small sense of relief, we set off to the trailer dealership hoping they could fix what was wrong.

They did.

And, we were off to Las Vegas to visit family and head out to Lake Mead.