This is me. I’m brand new. I was born premature at 4 pounds six ounces. This was back in the 70s so this weight was a scary situation. I had to live my first few weeks in an incubator fighting to survive.

Just for a point of reference, the picture below is after I got out of the incubator and those are doll clothes that I’m swimming in.

Over the last couple of months in particular, I’ve been feeling rather defeated (as I’m sure many are). It’s difficult to be in this world right now. That said, last month was my birthday and I made the choice to take charge of my life. I had a medical scare that I kept to myself for weeks until the prolonged effects of it got to big to ignore and I had to make the decision to leave a job I had started right before quarantine, a job I was really hopeful about, a job that was teaching me so many cool things about a side of this industry (the entertainment industry for those who don’t know), a job with huge growth potential, a job that was seemingly perfect.

Making that choice was really difficult and honestly, just made me feel sad. I mean, when quarantine hit, I was on my way with my speaking business. I had spoken to a group of amazing high schoolers just the day before and I was feeling on purpose for the first time in years. Then, bam! No more. But, I had this job that I had started so I was still feeling hopeful at the beginning of all this COVID stuff.

Then, my health. The job just got to be too much and I had to walk away.

At the same time, someone had mentioned NaNoWriMo to me and it became very clear to me how I could follow my love of speaking and inspiring kids by doing something I had dreamed of since I was a kid myself – write a novel.

So, I am taking on the NaNoWriMo challenge. I don’t know what it’s going to look like but I am feeling hopeful, excited, on purpose and very clear for the first time in…well, honestly, as long as I can remember.

In preparation for NaNoWriMo (which is in November), I will be doing what’s called “preptober” as well as the #instawrimo challenge (which is a series of prompts to post on instagram). I’m going to be blogging about those prompts here so I can get back in the habit of writing.

Pretober is going to be a blast and I’m excited for this next journey I’m on.

The first prompt on the InstaWriMo challenge is to post a baby picture and because of this prompt, I am reminded what a flipping fighter I’ve always been. I need to tap into the energy as I fight to get my health back and fight to create the life I’ve always dreamed of.

I’d love to hear what you’re fighting for in life right now. What goals are you going after? Post your comments below this picture on my Instagram (which you can access by clicking on the photo above πŸ™‚