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There’s just so much that I want to write about regarding my conversation with Women Who Inspire co-author, Aubree Deimler that I don’t know where to start! During our conversation, we talked about her experience with Endometriosis and how food and her diet was such a huge factor in her finding peace with her disease.

I can so relate right now and (once again, serendipitously), I just had a major experience regarding this topic yesterday.

So, as most of you know, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes this past January. I’m looking at my diagnosis as a gift because it’s forced me to slow down and focus on my physical health and wellbeing in a way I wouldn’t have if my life wasn’t threatened. And, I have to say, I’ve been doing a really  good job at getting rid of this dis-ease. However, because of all the chaos and the uprooting that has been happening due to the move to LIFE IN A TEARDROP, I’ve reverted back to old habits. My need for comfort and familiarity has always meant processed junk food, Cheetos in particular and man have I been indulging in them over the past couple weeks.

Since being diagnosed, I have completely eliminated sugar and focused on healing my organs as apposed to treating the Diabetes. My theory is that Diabetes is just a symptom of the real problem which is dysfunctional organs. I’ve been feeding my body whole foods, lots of fresh fruits and veggies and potatoes (yummer) and I’ve been feeling great. I’m almost at the point where my doctor and I are going to start weaning me off of the medication I needed to bring my blood sugar down from dangerous (almost needing to be hospitalized) levels. PLEASE NOTE, I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND WHAT I’M DOING MAY VERY WELL NOT WORK FOR YOU. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR – and, side note, if you don’t like your doctor or they’re not willing to listen to what you want, find one who will because you can’t get better if you don’t feel like you’re doctor is part of your team, has your back and is working toward the same goal you are) OK, back to the story…

So, my plan and “diet” has been working. Then came the complete emotional turmoil of this massive change I’m making…re-enter…junk food. I ate sugar in the form of ice cream (twice) this week for the first time in months, along with two bags of Cheetos. Then, yesterday, I let myself go without food for more than three hours (that’s my limit. I MUST eat every three hours in order to maintain my sugar levels and not become a HANGRY, HANGRY monster – I’ve learned all of this through major monitoring with the needle pricks on my finger tips to prove it). Anyway, I let myself go and I let myself go while running errands, which is a trigger in general because I get really stressed in traffic. So, HANGRY HANGRY monster came out to play and then, unlike normally, stayed. Usually the monster totally goes away, super quickly, the minute I get food in my body. But, for some reason, yesterday, she stayed ALL DAY! I was an emotional wreck. I could feel  that my chemicals were totally off and the only thing I can say is that it has to be that this was the tipping point from eating all that sugar and processed food.

I just didn’t feel right. It’s interesting now because I can tell when it’s emotion emotion (like from the situations around me) and chemical emotion where I can’t control my thoughts. They are dark, they are scary and they don’t go away until my chemicals are back in balance. It’s difficult to describe to those who don’t experience drastic chemical imbalances like that and frankly, that’s not what this blog is about. My experience yesterday and then listening to my and Aubree’s conversation just now is such a HUGE reminder to me that I need to be careful. I can’t feel sorry for myself because I can’t eat the crap I used to eat in the way I used to eat it, I just need to recognize that if I want to feel my best, feel good, I have to pay attention to what I put in my body. I also can’t beat myself up when I do eat crud food because, honestly, I can handle it every now and then. But, it’s a slippery slope for me and I need to be aware of that. When I ate the food this week, my blood sugar didn’t spike for the first time since I’ve been testing it so there was a part of my mind that thought…”oh, it’s OK now.” NOPE! Yesterday proves that I just can’t overdo it, ever, even after I get rid of this Diabetes. Because, even if my blood sugar levels are fine, I’m not. My body can’t process it and it really effects my mood and therefore, the lives of those around me because HANGRY HANGRY monster is NO FUN!

I’m so grateful for my diabetes and for Aubree’s willingness to share her story about her dis-ease. I do hope you’ll tune in when her episode airs on Sept. 13th. If you want to get to know Aubree and her story a bit more before you read it in the WOMEN WHO INSPIRE book on Sept. 26th, please click below.



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