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In the Women Who Inspire book, Mandy Scanlon shares her heart-wrenching experience with her abusive boyfriend, how being in that situation brought back a long-existing history with anxiety and her road to recovery. Her chapter entitled; “A Journey to Find Peace,” is a must-read for anyone who has every experienced anxiety, depression or…let’s face it…life in general.

During our conversation on the Intentional Inspiration podcast, Mandy and I talk about her struggles with infertility, low self-esteem and anxiety (which she has discovered is just fear), that was so bad she couldn’t leave her house, how she used clothes and affirmations to overcome it and how she is using her background as a hairstylist and stylist in general to help others overcome similar issues in order to know they are not alone and they can get through it.

Listen Here to our conversation

Mandy Scanlon has been a professional stylist for over 10 years. She has always had a passion for beauty and making people feel beautiful from the inside out.

She is a certified Ignitor Coach™ in coaching for self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, and feeling your best in your own skin.

She is married to the love of her life, Pat, and has two children, Lila and Finn. She loves the beach and sunshine!

Mandy’s unique business is to help men and women feel more confident in their own skin and learn how to dress to feel confident, along with coaching for anxiety, depression, panic, and negative thinking.

She can be contacted at She offers unique courses in the following:

  • Boosting self-esteem and body image
  • Coaching for positive thinking and confidence
  • Style color and wardrobe confidence
  • Overcoming unhappiness and depression
  • Changing self-limiting beliefs

Mandy would love to hear from you!



*Note: You must order from this link if you want me to sign your book 🙂
*while supplies last – since I’m creating my #lifeinateardrop, there’s not a ton of space to bring the book so supplies are limited.



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