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As I sit here on this beautiful (and not too hot) California morning, there is a bit of panic resting in my chest. It’s not debilitating panic (I know what that feels like from PTSD),no. It’s more like a steady and constant tightness of my chest. It’s been there since last weekend when Craig and I got a letter from our landlord saying he wouldn’t be able to grant us an extension on our lease.

You see, Craig and I fully intend on working while on the road. This is not a vacation, we haven’t saved up for it, it’s a lifestyle shift. That said, Craig’s current position in the sound editing world is that of “mixer” which requires a facility. Once we’re out on the road, he’ll be editing which only requires a laptop, headphones and an internet connection.

Our lease is up August 15th and his work goes through to October 15th. So, we asked for an extension on our lease to cover the remaining time. But, due to extenuating circumstances (a friend of our landlord’s is going to move in and his lease is up in August), our landlord is not able to extend our lease.

So, we are, essentially, going to be homeless for two months because our camper will not be ready until October. All good. All good.

I really do believe it’s a blessing in disguise and we have amazing friends who have offered to let us stay with them. It’s just an interesting thing to make yourself homeless. And, apparently, my body is letting me know it’s a bit stressful because this panic is pretty constant. LOL.

Now, I’m not one to be OK with this so I’ve spent the past twenty four hours analyzing and figuring out our options. We have settled on embracing this as part of the adventure. Honestly, it will be super great to get some quality time with our friends. And, it gives us an opportunity to focus on the various “projects” that need to get done before we go. i.e., selling all our stuff, putting all our media on a hard drive, condensing all the things we need into a 10×10 space, prepping the Women Who Inspire podcast release, figuring out all our banking, etc. Being able focus on all these individually now, instead of all at once,really is a relief.

We’ve also decided that another option will be house/pet sitting. We discovered this amazing site that allows you to stay at people’s places for free in exchange for watching their adorable fur babies. This may very well become a thing we do on our entire trip to break up the camping aspect. Because, let’s face it, this lady is a city gal and camping all the time…well…spiders.

So, I am learning to embrace the homelessness, look for the silver linings, understand that I asked for this (because if this isn’t an adventure, I don’t know what is) and remember that I am always taken care of.

Thanks for letting me process this with you. I actually feel much better.



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