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Last night with a sort of giddy, nervous feeling, Craig and I packed up our clothes. Because we are selling everything that we’re not taking with us or we’re not sentimentally attached to (Craig has a bit of a T-shirt addiction – and by “bit,” I mean he has a real problem), there’s some chaos and I was feeling nervous that I might sell something he wanted to keep. And, so, I decided we should pack. There were three categories to the packing:

  1. The Camper – was it something we were taking with us for the camping trip? I’m calling it our
    this is what we have to work with for our camping clothes. Definitely downsizing 🙂

    “uniform” and mine consists mostly of black (I know, but yellow is too easily stained. But, don’t worry…) so that it doesn’t get stained and we don’t have to do multiple loads of laundry when we’re at the laundromat. Craig’s turned out to be mostly browns. It was kind of cool to see what each of us came up with. There’s the “daily” campground outfits that are mostly workout gear because it’s comfortable and we don’t have to change if we decide to take an impromptu hike. Then there’s the outfits we’ll wear when we venture into town. They’re a little more “presentable” and include some jeans and t-shirts. It’s flipping hot right now in LA so we had to keep reminding each other that we’re starting our venture in the winter so that we didn’t pack all tanks and shorts and we had to be sure that we knew these clothes were never coming back to life after the trip. In fact, we’ll most likely get rid of them after the first half of our trip because we have limited space and so we’re back in the mindset of “seasonal” clothes. Both of us grew up in the midwest where this is a common occurrence. You pack up your winter clothes in the spring and your summer clothes in the fall. Living in LA, you can just wear most of your clothes year-round so it’s been many years since we’ve done the seasonal thing. It was fun to revisit this process.

  2. Hotel – Because I’ll be doing signings and appearances to promote the Women Who Inspire book while we’re out on the road and, as I’ve said before, I’m a city girl now and camping only is just not going to happen, we will be staying in hotels periodically. Because of this, we packed a “hotel” bag. This is where the yellow comes in…my uniform for this is almost ALL yellow. It was hilarious to watch the confusion on Craig’s face as I tried to explain that he should just pack as if he’s going to a three-day wedding. I just meant to pack some nicer clothes and one “party” outfit because you never know the adventures we might have in the cities we’re going to visit.
  3. Goodwill – because we have two months between selling everything and actually getting out on the road, we decided to pack clothes we would donate to the goodwill. That way, when we are ready to leave, we can wash the clothes that we didn’t sell at the sale, pack them up and donate them on our way out of town.

It was a fun process as we made jokes about some of the crazy clothes we have. Some really funny t-shirts Craig has gotten as gifts, some “what were you thinking” shirts and some pants that just didn’t fit anymore.

That’s how we spent last night. It was fun and I wish I could say it was over, but I have a feeling Craig’s t-shirt addiction is going to take a whole other night to address.

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