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I’m back in Los Angeles and I’ve been so hesitant to write because there’s SO much to catch you all up on. I am one of those type-A–must start from the beginning–how do I reset this– type people.

That mindset has stopped me from sharing what’s up with me for months now. Well, today I am working on having courage. The first thing I had to have courage on is writing this because every fiber of my being wants to write and those same fibers are SCREAMING that there’s no plan, no time to catch everyone up, etc.

So, I am mustering the courage to just write what I’m feeling and up to – today.

Forgive me if it’s jumbled.

I learned a lot on the trip, but there were a few big truths. The biggest is that I want to be someone who never gives up on their dreams. Never.

That said, I came to the realization recently (or, was brave enough to listen to the realization that’s been in my heart for years) that Indie Movie Mastery isn’t my dream.

I could go on and on about why it isn’t, but I’m not going to do that (at least not today) because there’s no time to waste. Today, I will be brave enough to delete all of Indie Movie Mastery. This decision was not made in haste and the moment I truly decided to listen to my heart and do this, I felt such a sense of relief.

I fear disappointing people.

I regret having spent so much money on this project.

I regret having spent so much time not listening to my heart.

I fear that Indie Movie Mastery was my one shot at success and that I’ll never be successful doing what I truly want to do.

I regret and fear all those things, but the one thing I fear the most is not trying to live my true dream.

And, so, I will be courageous and I will take today to say goodbye because life is too short.



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