Life in a Teardrop


We made a friend!

As we were setting up camp for our short stay (meaning, we didn’t put up the tent extension on the teardrop), we heard a hearty “hello, may I take a picture of your camper for my mom?” “Sure, we said” as we were introduced to one of our neighbors. He explained that he had been sitting at his campsite and saw our Jeep pull in and it was the same exact make, model and color as his mom’s and then as we pulled past him, he saw our teardrop and he just had to get a picture. He was such a happy soul and man did I need to meet him. Florida has not been the greatest place for me, energetically and it was just really nice to meet such a genuine, kind and happy person.

We talked for quite a bit here and there throughout that day and the next and then we invited him to come to our campsite for s’mores. It was the first time we would have a guest. We tried while we were in Savannah, but it was just too cold. Back home, I LOVED having people over. We would joke that I was the “Monica” (from Friends) of the group and it was true. Hosting parties and just having people around laughing and having fun was a huge thrill for me. I haven’t had that at all since being on the road and I’m not going to lie, I miss it. Maybe that will change now that it’s not so cold??? Who knows, all I know is that we had a guest and it was a blast. We had deep conversation about life and culture and I was so happy.

The next night he hosted us at his campsite. I made soup and he had snacks and we talked even more about life and culture and just had a great time. The next day when he left, my heart felt a little sad. But, I just saw a post from him on Facebook and felt better because we will now be connected no matter where we are – even though the post was of an alligator that looked entirely too close for comfort. 😉


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