Life in a Teardrop


Traveling in Florida has been interesting, everywhere we go, we hear that we need to make a reservation and there isn’t a lot of parking lot camping opportunities in the state. But, we (knock on wood) haven’t had any problems getting campsites (so far) and are choosing to live in that energy rather than the fear of not getting a spot. We’ve discovered that most state campgrounds set aside a certain percentage for “walk-ins.” Since we have no route or plan, reserving is really stressful so we’re opting to take our chances.

That said, when Craig has a deadline (he’s a sound editor and is still working for his company back home), we try to stay in one spot until he can finish just to eliminate a certain amount of uncertainty. So, as he’s on a deadline now and it’s a short one, we extended our stay in this campground by one night which meant a move in campsites. We went from the tent area which was a lovely wooded area with individual campsites shaped as semi-circles with trees providing just the right amount of privacy to the RV area where the campground assumes that the walls of your RV will provide that privacy. It was like going from one campground to a completely different campground in two steps. It was definitely a twilight zone experience but, we are grateful to have a place to stay and our neighbors are all really friendlily and Craig was able to get his work done last night.

We will head further south early this morning fingers crossed we get a campsite 😉

Two years ago this trip was just a dream. Last year, I almost gave up on it. Want to know how I turned it all around and made this dream into a reality? Click Here


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