Life in a Teardrop

What a small world

Yesterday we decided to take a morning walk around the campground. As we walked around each sort of cul-de-sac type section, filled to the brim with campers and everyone had a friendly hello or good morning for us, I sort of chuckled. My morning ritual in LA was to walk around our neighborhood and though most people I passed on the street greeted me with kindness, I would say that I might have seen as many people in a few months time total as the amount I was seeing in a half hour here at the campground. The campers life is pretty cool if you like people.

As we turned one of the bends, I spotted this beautiful black and white Springer Spaniel puppy and my heart skipped a beat. This dog looked just like my beloved Susie, my dog and best friend from when I was a kid. To this day, I think of Susie all the time. So, I had to stop and ask the woman standing in her campground next to this beautiful creature about her dog. We chatted for a moment and I asked if I could take a picture of her dog to send to my mom. As I was walking away, my heart full of joy, I looked at their truck and it had a Minnesota license plate. Well, seeing as I grew up in Minnesota, I always have to ask where in the state those with the license plate are from. So, Craig and I took a few steps back and asked the women and we did the usual general location down to specific city conversation, but this one took a fun turn…

She said “southern Minnesota.” I’m from southern Minnesota so, I asked her where. She said “the Mankato area.” I said, “I’m from the Mankato area! Le Center to be specific.” She said the name of the city she was from, but I couldn’t hear it because it was drowned out by this jolly voice coming from inside their camper. A man, her husband, had his face pressed so hard to the screen I thought it would pop out when he said “no way! I’m from Le Center!” The idea that there was someone from my hometown, population 2,006 people here in this random campground in the middle of the Everglades in Florida…what are the odds!?!?!

We chatted and didn’t end up knowing each other because he left Le Center about 10 years before we moved there but it was so neat to talk with them and hear their stories and just make a connection. It really is such a small world and it definitely gets smaller when you travel and talk with people along the way.

And, that is Life in a teardrop.


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