Life in a Teardrop

Working in a Teardrop

Yesterday was a work day. Those are always interesting because it’s such a small space and I like to SPREAD out – I mean, my stuff is EVERYWHERE. And, this one was even more challenging because we’re in a  campground with no hookups, meaning, we don’t have water or power plugged directly into the trailer. It’s fine because the trailer is designed to go “off grid.” However, I don’t think most people are living in their trailers like we are so charging a laptop requires an additional generator (most of our power comes from the battery which keeps charged through solar panels). We anticipated this and have what many campers have marveled at as a “really nice generator.” So far there hasn’t been a single campground where some guy (sorry ladies, it’s not been a single woman) hasn’t come up to us and commented on how nice our generator is and I’ve always just chuckled. Yesterday, though, I challenged that generator and it lived up to the test, so, yeah – it really is a nice generator. I worked from sun up to sun down and had to turn the “genny” on 3 times to charge my computer. It got really hot midday too so I even ran the AC (yup, our little teardrop doesn’t have heat, but it’s got a mighty AC and yesterday I was so glad it did).

I say “I” because Craig was in town working at a Starbucks (color me jealous) because he had to send some files back to L.A. so I was at the campsite by myself most of the day with Zoe, which was probably a good thing because I was even struggling to work around the dog, let alone a fully grown human. It was a change a pace and nice but, a bit brutal and I got a little crabby toward the end, LOL. But, I proved to myself that when I need to, I can buckle down just like I used to at home and there is some comfort to be had in that as I anticipate more deadlines coming up throughout this trip because, as I keep reminding people – this is not a vacation and Craig and I are working just like we did back home 😉

And, that’s Life in a Teardrop

Two years ago this trip was just a dream. Last year, I almost gave up on it. Want to know how I turned it all around and made this dream into a reality? Click Here


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