My health has not been great lately, in fact, it’s been totally awful. I won’t mince words, I tend to get in funks and eat my way right out of them. It’s not a pretty picture.

Being diagnosed with diabetes a few years back has been a roller coaster. I was doing really well initially (mostly because I took it very seriously) then we went on the road and – don’t even get me started on the food crisis in the states. It’s so difficult to find healthy food in certain parts of the country.

The rollercoaster went from the tallest point to -what I thought was the lowest point – and then these past few months went even lower – OK, really, the cart went completely off the track and bounces from one part of the rollercoaster to another until I ended up in this car, upside down, eating dirt. And, that’s where I’ve been lately. Dirt is gross.

So, I made some drastic changes so I could really focus on getting things back on track. Once I made those changes and started to feel a bit more hopeful about my situation I rolled up my sleeves and did a google search to find a program focused on healing the diabetes completely.

I just got off the phone with someone who has a plan, thinks the way I do about how to make it happen and has me feeling like I might really be able to climb out of the dirt, dust myself off, tip the cart right-side-up and move it to something like Mr Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland. A ride that doesn’t have the extreme ups and downs, a ride that is a giggle fest where there are teeny tiny bumps but you feel good and mostly in control.

I’m excited to do some food and exercise experiments and really dive into what works for MY body. I feel confident with this person guiding me and am going to commit to blocking out the noise of everyone else’s opinion of what’s right for my body and just trust the process. This isn’t going to easy, but nothing worth having ever is and as Jasmine Star recently said on one of her podcasts (Thanks to my friend Katie for forwarding it to me), WE GET TO CHOOSE OUR HARD.

Stay tuned for updates and have a great weekend.