Create Your Life

I did it!

I did it!

I just wrote the first chapter of my book. I am literally, right now, creating the life of my dreams. What’s the book about, just that. The first chapter is all about my experience of sharing this insane dream I have of selling all our stuff, buying a teardrop trailer, going out and living on the road, being an example of having this adventure in the “in between” stage of life – you know, the one where you aren’t right out of college and you’re also not retired and becoming an author.

I’m sorta trippin’ out right now because literally everything I dreamed of doing is happening.

We’ve sold our stuff.

We’ve bought our teardrop.

We’re on the road.

I’m writing my first full book.

It’s kind of amazing when you sit and realize that you’ve made a dream into a reality.

I think the thing to remember and the thing I’ve been struggling with the most on this trip and with this dream is that it often times doesn’t look exactly the way it looked in my head. But, that’s because when we dream, really dream, we don’t want to dwell on the challenges and struggles. This trip has had many challenges and struggles all packed into the first month so there has been a bit of fear on my end about whether it was the right decision.

The silly thing is that OF COURSE it was the right decision. When you’ve got a dream that just won’t go away it’s meant to be made to come true. That’s how I look at it anyway.

One of the biggest struggles for me on this trip was that I’m a bit of a creature of habit and I wasn’t sure I would be able to make the author part of the dream a reality because there’s no consistency in where and when I get to write. To be totally honest, that was sort of freaking me out and making it so that I didn’t even want to start.

HOWEVER, I also realize that, for me, starting without a plan of attack NEVER works out. NEVER. That’s something so important for me to honor. And, so I did. Yesterday, even though I’m a month behind (seriously, a month) on my writing schedule, I took the day to really plan things out. Not outlining, I did that already, but plan my writing schedule.

That way, when I woke up this morning, not only did I know what I was going to write, I knew when I was going to write it. It was great and now I’m sitting here celebrating my victory (yes, I’m celebrating by writing a blog – everyone is still sleeping and I wanted to share it with you!).

So, as the stories I’m writing in Create Your Life (that’s the name of the book) will highlight, you’ve got to be true to yourself and that includes honoring your process. If you like to make lists, make lists. If you like to meditate, meditate. If putting on flipping fairy wings and spinning around in your backyard until you fall over sets you up to be your best you, then for crying out loud spin!

Anyway, since I’m so behind on my schedule, I’d better get back to writing. 😉










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