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In the Women Who Inspire book, Jen Heilman takes us on a journey no parents ever want to go through in a beautifully written and powerful way. In her chapter entitled; “Your Greatest Resistance Reveals Your Biggest Reward,” Jen shares with us that her experience almost losing her son to a heart defect launched her on a path of gratitude and understanding how our physical space can block us from manifesting the life we desire and creating the life of our dreams.

During our conversation on the Intentional Inspiration podcast, Jen and I talk about how her son’s brush with death as an infant inspired her to dive into work that feeds her soul. We talk space, energy and being really honest with yourself about who you are and what you want without the guilt that so often comes with creating a life that doesn’t focus solely on family. If you are a mom who is feeling guilty about wanting to do things in addition to being a mom, this podcast is for you – heck, if you’re a human who wants to do things outside of what is “expected” of you, this podcast is for you <3

Listen Here to our conversation

Women Who Inspire co-author, Jen Heilman is a fêng shui expert, an intuitive and transformational coach, the creator of the Abundance Academy, and a mamapreneur on a mission. She teaches soulful women entrepreneurs how to use the amazingly effective power of fêng shui to access clarity, inspiration, and success in their lives and businesses.

Jen helps women around the globe awaken their souls, unleash their passion and purpose, and step into the power and beauty that are uniquely their own. She accomplishes this through one-on-one coaching, group coaching programs like the Abundance Academy, online programs, live workshops, webinars, and guest-expert speaking events.

Jen graduated from Vermont Technical College with an associate of applied science in architecture and building engineering technology. She then transferred to Montana State University, where she earned a bachelor of arts in interior design. She has also earned a certificate of graduation in fêng shui interior design from the Sheffield School of Design in New York City.

She has been an interior and architectural designer for twenty years and a fêng shui practitioner for ten years. She has always been fascinated by spatial design and the undeniable power it has to make us feel safe, supported, and at home within ourselves.

Jen now shares her fêng shui knowledge, intuitive skills, and life experiences with her students and clients to help propel their lives forward with profound momentum. To learn more about how you can connect with Jen and experience your own transformation, please visit her website at



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