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In the Women Who Inspire book, Kim Flatland walks us through the night her soul felt like it was dying. While she was breathing life into sick kids, she needed to breathe life into her own soul and make a life-changing and life-saving transformation. And, not only does she do that, she explains how so that we may benefit from her experience. In her chapter entitled; “Love Your Soulself,” Kim gives us practical tools to help you nurture your soul and make each day the best day it can be.

During our conversation on the Intentional Inspiration podcast, Kim and I talk about her experience that night on the pediatric intensive care floor where she worked, how that experience changed everything for her, how singing in your car can completely change your mood and much much more! Listen by clicking below.

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Women Who Inspire co-author, Kimberly Flatland is a life coach, speaker, and mind-set momma on a mission to create a movement. A movement to Love Your SoulSelf. Kimberly has guided hundreds of women through intention-based workshops and coaching. She inspires them to breathe life into their souls and align with their goals in both group and personal one-on-one settings. Kimberly believes that you should think of Love Your SoulSelf as an entry point to a new relationship with yourself.

She is a contributing author to the international best-selling book 365 Ways to Connect to Your Soul, as well as the soon-to-be-released book Goodness Abounds. In addition, the story of how she was inspired to start the Love Your SoulSelf movement was featured in the book Infinite Purpose.

Kimberly has worked in the health-care industry for more than twenty years as a registered respiratory therapist and has also mastered many different holistic healing modalities. Her passion is helping women connect and embrace their true spirit while gaining trust and confidence in themselves by building on a foundation of self-love.

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