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In the Women Who Inspire book, Lauren Fisher’s chapters brought tears to my eyes as she recounts the day her son tried to kill himself, the self-blame she felt thinking it was her fault and her journey to figure out what was happening with her son.  Her chapter entitled; “The Tenacious Art of Living,” is gut wrenching and an important read for anyone who has (or knows someone who has) struggled with mental illness. As Lauren says in her chapter – you are not alone.

During our conversation on the Intentional Inspiration podcast, Lauren and I have a candid conversation about mental illness (or, as Lauren puts it – mental awareness), medication, side-effects, suicide and doing what’s right for you and your children. It’s an important conversation and one I wish would happen more often.

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She was one who never looked back. Was it her lack of empathy or her intense drive? It didn’t matter; she forged ahead. She didn’t realize all that she had accomplished. She hadn’t noticed. To get to here, you start from there. From almost losing her hand in a freak work accident right after high school, single parenting, dealing with the state juvenile detention system, where she spearheaded a regulation change for the betterment of all children, to participating in a 2014 Guinness Book of World Records event, she has overcome and achieved much due to her tenacious nature. Lauren Fisher has held starring roles as daughter, sister, mother, friend, confidante, advocate, Captain Obvious, and private investigator extraordinaire (as coined by her family and friends). She’s advanced in her career with a national health-care organization as a corporate trainer, where she is continually inspired by all she meets while striving to inspire others with her experiences.

She has encountered countless inspirations in the twists and turns along her path. She stopped, turned around, and finally took notice. She acknowledged her accomplishments while embracing her strengths and weaknesses. She owned it all, all that she had manifested—the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful! Since then, she’s been strategically creating on purpose as a mind-set strategist. Since then, she’s been strategically creating on purpose as a certified Ignitor Coach™ and mind-set strategist.

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