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In the Women Who Inspire book, Lisa Khera’s chapter on wanting to make a change to her business (life) and not doing it until she is forced to through events outside of her control is so relatable. In her chapter entitled; “Lessons from the Core,” she shares her story of going back and forth about slowing down and changing certain aspects of her business but not doing them until one day a faithful accident happens that makes it so she can’t teach anymore. Her story of overcoming what could be a wholly negative experience is a reminder that things happen “for us” not “to us.”

During our conversation on the Intentional Inspiration podcast, Lisa and I discuss re-learning lessons we’ve already learned, recognizing there might be more tools in our toolboxes than we realize, post-concussion symptoms and learning to slowdown before you’re forced to slowdown, recognizing when the universe is sending you signs and recognizing when you might be in resistance.

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Women Who Inspire co-author, Lisa Khera is a wife and the mother of two boys; a certified Stott Pilates, BarreConcept, and PiYo instructor; and an author. In 2000, she started taking Pilates mat and reformer classes and instantly realized the many benefits Pilates provides. In 2006, she started her entrepreneurial journey, owning and operating her Pilates studio, In Balance Pilates, in Ottawa, Canada.

Trained in gerontology and as a physiotherapy assistant, she went from having chronic low-back pain to being pain-free and strong with Pilates, fitness, and mind-set work.

Lisa inspires other like-minded women to obtain optimal posture through direct support in person at her studio and online internationally through digital Pilates courses, sessions, and coaching. She has a special interest in applying the Pilates principles to help her clients rehab chronic pain; she enjoys working with clients that have brain injuries and always makes time to help Pilates instructors pass their Pilates exams. She is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs strategize and begin their business ventures. Her ideal day includes the beach, travel, and workouts with her husband and two boys.

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