Intentional Inspiration Podcast


In the Women Who Inspire book, Maggie Sullivan shares her journey from her “head to her heart” after losing a promotion she had dreamed of and then realizing it really was for the best. In her chapter entitled; “This Is My Next,” she reminds us to look for the lessons and that even though we may be working toward something (even self-awareness) and we may think we’ve gotten there, sometimes we need to look even deeper and become more in alignment with exactly where we’re supposed to be.

During our conversation on the Intentional Inspiration podcast, Maggie and I talk about embracing the concept of ‘when one door closes, another one opens,’ how writing our chapters in the Women Who Inspire book was really the beginning of new chapters in our lives, that creating harmony in our lives between work, rest, exercise and play is crucial to live our best lives and Maggie gives tips on how to start your day off in a way that sets you up to create this harmony.

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Women Who Inspire co-author, Maggie Sullivan is committed to her mission to provide information to people on how to obtain greater self-awareness and more inner peace. Over the past ten years, she has been working on waking herself up a little more each day. And her goal is to stay awake! Now, she is ready to help others wake up and reach their highest potential. Maggie is a trained educator who received her bachelor and master of arts in sociology and her bachelor of education. Over the past twenty years, she has been teaching in the elementary school system, and she is now planning to use her skills to guide people of all ages along their own journeys. She is a certified life coach and a Jack Canfield Success Principle trainer. She is the owner of From the Heart Wellness Centre, a center that provides a space for people to connect and receive services for their well-being. Maggie is currently blogging on her life lessons and is in the process of publishing her first book, Life Lessons after I Woke Up.



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