In the Women Who Inspire book, Parrish Wilson takes us on a journey from finding her passion to not believing in herself and her passion to finding her passion with an even bigger purpose. In a beautifully crafted story called “More than a Zero,” Parrish will have you questioning why you hold onto negative feedback and what might happen if you let it go and embraced what life has to offer.

During our conversation on the Intentional Inspiration podcast, Parrish and I delve into that topic as well as the idea that we live in a society that has made following your dream in a certain way a job (which takes the fun out of it), how it’s so much easier to believe the negative than the positive, how important it is to be examples of those living authentic and true-to-themselves lives and much more!

Listen Here to our conversation

Women Who Inspire co-author, Parrish Wilson is a writing coach as well as a book editor for women who know they have words in their soul that need to find their way onto the page. It’s her mission to create safe and accessible opportunities for women to pursue their dreams of writing and self-expression, whether the words live only in their journals or are destined to be published. She does this through online workshops and in-person retreats, creating beautiful and nurturing experiences designed to enhance the exploration of creativity with a spirit of playfulness and truth.

 In between workshops, retreats, and parenting two young boys, Parrish tucks herself away in her office, immersed in the writing of her first full-length manuscript, due to be published in the summer of 2018. A memoir of her earliest years as a parent, struggling with postpartum depression and a high-needs child, Parrish’s first book will be an intimate look at the truth of mental illness and how devastating it can be for new mothers and their families.

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