Create Your Life


As I open the brand-new deck of colorful index cards, I think “well, It’s that time again…NEW PROJECT TIME! – AGAIN” and I nervously laugh to myself. This one’s been brewing for years and it’s finally coming to fruition.

I’ve, not only committed to writing my first book, but I’ve also found a publisher and there’s no backing out now.

It feels strange and somewhat unnerving to think of how many false starts I’ve had with this project. I’ve attempted to write this book in some form or another at least six or seven times. But, this time is different. This time it feels right. This time, it feels completely inline with who I am and the type of book I want to put out in the world and the type of writing I want to do moving forward.

Which, is exactly what this book is about. It is the Create Your Life book written in the way that I want to write it.

The Create Your Life brand or concept at its core is about figuring out who you are as a person, how you operate, what makes you happy, what goals you want to achieve in order to have the life you want to live and then figuring out how to make those goals happen in a way that encompasses all of YOU!

I had the best little helper this weekend. Zoe + index cards + Sharpies = HEAVEN

It’s so funny, this weekend, Craig and I stopped for a few days in a hotel because we both had work to do. This Life in a Teardrop adventure (a perfect example of Create Your Life) is not a vacation. It’s a trip designed to see what it would be like not to wait until retirement in order to fulfill a dream we both had. Because of this, we are having to figure out how to make Craig’s work as a sound editor and my work as a writer…well, work…on the road. The thing is, I have yet to complete an entire book so I am still working out my “process.” This weekend, I think I cracked the nut on part of it (fingers crossed). I was able to outline the entire book on the hotel wall. It took me about three days and wasn’t an easy process as I read from my favorite writing book and worked to follow the writer’s instructions.

As I was laying out the index cards, I had put them up on the wall in a way that made sense to me and then I read in his book that I was supposed to do it the opposite way. So, I started to pull them down and rearrange them and I got about a quarter of the way through and none of it was making sense to me. I got frustrated and whined to Craig about it a little. I then went down to the kitchen area in the lobby and called a friend. He reminded me that the book I’m writing is all about reminding people to listen to the “experts” as suggested ways to do things, but ultimately, it’s about creating YOUR life in the way that makes sense for YOU.

I went back to the room and put the cards back up the way I had them in the first place, the way that made it easy for my brain to comprehend the structure of the story and I was able to easily finish the outline.

It’s ironic that I’ve gotten stopped writing a book about creating the life you (meaning a collective you, including me) want to live because I haven’t been able to follow the advice of others “correctly.”

And, so, as I start this new project, I know there will be many personal battles I’ll face and it looks like the first one – the A+ student mentality – just reared its ugly head. This is a mentality that has held me back from accomplishing many of my dreams. I’m both nervous and excited to slay it once and for all.

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