Please allow me to introduce you to…Amelia (the jeep) and Tina the tag along (T@G Teardrop Trailer)

Well, we’re doing it! My husband (Craig) and I are hitting the open road!

Ever since we got together over 18 years ago, Craig and I have talked about taking an epic cross-country (the US) road trip. We always thought we’d wait until we retired but something tragic happened a few years back and we decided life is too short. So, we’re not waiting until retirement. Instead, we have worked really hard to figure out how to make both of our jobs mobile and created a trip that matches our personalities and desires.

We’ve sold all our non-replaceable belongings, left our cute little bungalow in Burbank, CA and have hit the open road. This is not a vacation, this is a life-style shift and we will be traveling, working and going wherever the wind takes us. I have no desire to “snow camp” and we want to go to places we’ve never been so most of the trip will be closer to the East coast. But, other than that, there are really no parameters.

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