Life in a Teardrop


I feel like I’m finally finding my groove. Yesterday was a travel day and I woke up at 5am and I got a bunch of work done. I posted two blogs and feel like I’m finding my groove with that as well. Just telling you all what we’re doing each day. It’s a travel journal, not a blog that’s going to be some big thing. Once I figured that out, it made it much easier as I’ve been trying to find my voice, where I belong and link it to what I do in the world. I tend to have an all or nothing attitude and it leads to me pigeonholing myself to the point where I don’t even want to start. I am also extremely self-aware and I can tell if I don’t like something pretty quickly so that has lead to a lot of “false starts.” I put that in quotes because I’m reframing it to “research and development.” Because I’m willing to try and walk away if it doesn’t feel right, I have learned A LOT. Over the past several years, I’ve been fighting the walking away part because “I’m an adult now and I should just commit.” The thing is that I’m an adult who believes we can all create the lives we really want to live. That means that there will be A LOT of trial and error until figuring out what fits in the life we want to live and what doesn’t.

Just last week a coach recommended that I redefine what success looks like to me. Well, I’m in the process of doing that but, the one thing I know for sure is that sharing with you all my journey on a regular basis feels like success to me. So, I’m going to stop putting so much pressure on HOW I do that and just start sharing because this trip is a pretty big adventure that Craig and I worked really hard to go on and, quite frankly, it’s a pretty funny fish out of water type story. Because, lets face it – even though I spent my early years on a farm and I grew up in Minnesota, I am a full-on city girl from Los Angeles now and camping every day is a laughable endeavor.

That said, back to yesterday. It was a travel day so I woke up early to get some work done. It felt really good. I thought that we were out of propane so I didn’t make coffee (turns out, we were not out of propane, but, I didn’t discover that until we were parked at our next campsite). Craig and I have a deal that since I’m a morning person, I’ll do the morning driving and he’ll do the evening driving and we’ll split up the daytime driving. So, we hooked the trailer up just as the sun was saying good morning and we headed out of the campground. I figured we’d just stop at a Starbucks or something on our way – hahaha – silly city girl. As we made our way out and I looked at the GPS map, it became very clear that there wouldn’t even be a gas station to stop at, let alone a Starbucks before we reached out destination. It was 100% roadway through Florida’s everglades. Man, was I hurting. I was so tired an hour and a half later when we finally saw a gas station that Craig had to drive from there. I was so grateful I had the foresight to fill our Jeep up the night before we left because we probably would have run out of gas on the side of the road and been eaten by gators.

We made it safely to our campsite without a gator attempting to eat us and had a lovely evening other than the CRAZY insane cartoon like attack I endured by the mad swarm of mosquitos at dusk.

And, that’s Life in a teardrop.


Two years ago this trip was just a dream. Last year, I almost gave up on it. Want to know how I turned it all around and made this dream into a reality? Click Here


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