Standing in front of the giant map Craig and I have hung on our wall with pins of the places we want to go placed ever so lovingly in it, I feverishly scribbled on the small notepad in my hand, looked at it, grew frustrated, ripped the paper out, balled it up and let it drop in the ever expanding pile of similar balls of paper at my feet. Just then, as I grew more and more frustrated, I had a realization…well, two actually…(1) I didn’t want to spend the next year feeling frustrated and (2) the only way to avoid that was to be more flexible.

So, I walked over to Craig  who was sitting there with anticipation because earlier in the day several things happened that made it so that we would have to postpone our trip and the route we had been planning for months would have to be changed and said

“I have a plan.” Craig looked at me with excitement and I said “there is no plan.” He said “who are you and what did you do with my wife?”

and we laughed.

That was the moment where I had to let go of the idea of planning in the way that I was used to. Being a film producer means you have to have a plan and as flexible as you must be while shooting, the getting to the shoot must be planned out. After all, hundreds of peoples’ lives, livelihoods and general quality of life are at stake. This is the energy and mindset I have lived in for over a decade. That said, this trip is Craig and I. So, if the plan doesn’t go the way we want it to, it’s just the two of us who are ultimately effected. Sure, others maybe inconvenienced, but their lives won’t be changed one way or another if our route changes or some dates gets switched around.

One of my favorite sayings is “when something goes wrong in your life, yell plot twist and move on.” I mean, plot twists are what make the movie interesting and exciting…right? It’s the same in books so I need to embrace it as we completely change our life-style and I create a career as an author.

That night, standing in front of the map was the first of many times I’ve had to yell plot twist in the past several weeks. Making a life-style change like selling all your things and going to live in a teardrop while working and traveling is pretty major and diving into a new career at the same time is probably…well, a little insane. Yesterday I had to yell plot twist pretty loud when I released my blog about the Women Who Inspire podcast interviews. Things have been so busy that I overlooked a couple of crucial items and when they were brought to my attention, it was very clear that, like the route for our trip, rescheduling would make the most sense.

So, I have moved the release dates for the podcast and you know what, I feel really good about it. I’ve learned that most of the time, if you let them, things work out for the better when you’re flexible and focus on what’s best for the project instead of the fact that you spent all this time planning and now the plan is falling through.

So, I’m yelling PLOT TWIST on a daily basis and beginning to kind of enjoy it.


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