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Project: Joy – Flowers, Trust and Timing

All day I’ve been frustrated with myself for not posting my project: Joy Day 2 of things that bring me joy post. I already had the picture and what I wanted to say…what was stopping me?
You see, because Craig and I rented an airbnb so we could bake delicious calzone from Trader Joe’s (oh it’s the little things you miss), I decided to buy a bouquet of flowers for the table. Selling all our stuff and downsizing to a teardrop trailer means developing very pragmatic purchasing habits. We don’t have a lot of space so if it’s not absolutely necessary, we don’t buy it. Gone (for now) are the days of buying something just because it makes us happy. That’s cool, there are so many things we’re gaining from doing this and I experienced one of those just now.
So, I bought flowers and they were going to be what this post was about because flowers in general bring me so much joy and this particular bouquet meant so much to me. For three wonderful days I would make an excuse to walk past the table just so I could look at them and when I would take an extra moment to breath in the sweat aroma, my heart sang just a little.
This morning, as we were packing up, I couldn’t bring myself to throw them in the garbage and the place we were staying didn’t have a proper vase so I didn’t want to leave them there because my years as a producer (and frankly just the good manners I was raised with) taught me to leave the place the way you found it. So, I wanted to wash the glass they were in. I decided to take the flowers with us knowing full well we didn’t have a place for them.
I wrapped them in a plastic bag with water soaked paper towels and they laid next to me as we drove. When we reached the campsite, and as we were settling in a jolly gentleman named Tom approached our trailer and began talking to us about his time with he and his wife’s teardrop. They had their trailer for 9 years and traveled to 49 of the 50 states. His eyes lit up as he told us about how he “married his wife because she had a trailer.” They had just purchased a new Airstream but had a huge place in their heart for the T@B they once owned. It was a delightful conversations and I once again felt joy like I hadn’t in a while.
We said our goodbyes and he walked away at that moment, Craig and I decided a walk would be nice and as we set out, I said “I want to find Tom and his wife’s new trailer and give them the flowers.” Just the thought of it brought a smile to my face.
So, we began our walk remembering the camp number Tom had mentioned they were parked in and as we approached, the place was dark. No one was home. I got a little sad and then remembered that I was on a mission of “happy tears” and just then this family came around the bend and I couldn’t contain myself. I asked if they were in a camper with a table and they answered- begrudgingly – I mean, here’s a perfect stranger asking a random question about what they’re camping in.
As the women said “yes,” I said “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and handed her the flowers. Her face lit up and it was awesome. The interaction lasted only a fraction of a second and I began to second guess. “What if she was allergic?” What if I made her feel uncomfortable?” Then, I stopped myself. There was a reason that I hadn’t posted this blog and there was a reason I hadn’t thrown the flowers away or kept them on the table at the airbnb and it was so that this interaction could take place.
Maybe the woman was having a hard time and I was able to brighten her day. Maybe she was having some of the very trust issues I’ve been having since the election and she needed a random interaction with a stranger to prove that not all people are unkind and to learn to trust again. There are so many reasons and great things can could come out of what just happened and I know for sure that one did – that interaction brought me more joy than I thought I would have today.
Because, flowers in general bring me joy, but sharing brings me more <3
With all my creativity,







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