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In today’s episode of the Aggressive Optimism Podcast, I talk with President of Two Maverix® Multimedia, Speaker and fellow podcaster, Dot Cannon about the evolution of her podcast, Over Coffee®, from focusing on the arts to focusing on STEAM and her unique approach to how it all relates to her audience. We then go on to talk about how age has been a challenge for both of us (in completely different ways),  as well as, community and how marketing is rapidly changing.









Dot Cannon is a broadcaster, speaker, podcaster and independent new-media reporter.

She is the president of Two Maverix® Multimedia, in Long Beach, and the host/producer of the weekly interview podcast, “Over Coffee®”, which explores creativity at the intersection of art and science.

Dot’s radio experience includes 21 years working both on-air and behind the scenes in Los Angeles talk radio.

With her broadcasting background and a B.A. in theatre, Dot brings a non-intimidating, “arts” approach to the ways in which science, technology, art and math relate to her audience members’ lives.  Her goal is to give listeners techniques and resources they can take away and use, in the areas of maker skills, podcasting and creativity.

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