The Aggressive Optimism Podcast – Ryan Dunphy – New Adventure

Today’s episode of the Aggressive Optimism Podcast has me chatting with speaker and stress reduction expert, Ryan Dunphy. We chat about embracing life as an adventure, using routines to reduce stress and to help us show up in the way we want to show up in the world and how nature helped Ryan overcome a serious back injury.

You Choose Your Discomfort









Our guest today is a National Speaker and Stress Reduction Expert. He has 13 years of health promotion experience, working with individuals and teams across the nation using his unique brand of positivity and motivation. His career has involved corporate fitness, medially-based fitness centers, and Injury Prevention seminars for a Fortune 500 company. Today Ryan will be talking with us about how to manage our health, happiness and how to structure our time and life. His “Work hard, play hard” mentality is a good match for our community.

When not working with clients or companies, Ryan can be found hiking with his yellow lab, spending time with his wife and son, or working on his Jeeps.


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