Create Your Life


Sitting at a Denny’s attached to the truck stop Craig, Zoe (the dog) and I stayed at last night on our way from Nashville to Memphis there’s a mix of truckers, travels and locals surrounded by the festive decorations and the lively music. I make my coffee just right, put on my bright yellow headphones (which warrant a few giggly glances) and I begin to type this blog.

We’ve been on the road now about a month and a half and I am still struggling to find time to write my book, Create Your Life. It’s been weeks of constant family visits (which I want to be completely present for) and travel (not the leisurely kind that we are planning for the majority of this trip, but the “we have to drive a certain amount each day in order to make it to X in time for Y) and I haven’t been able to adjust enough to consistently write.

I am totally type A and very all or nothing, both things I’m working on on this trip as I want travel to be a big part of my life moving forward. Therefore, I must figure out my creative process. “Writing is very new to me” – I think and then I argue with myself remembering that I’ve been blogging for years. For some reason, blogging is one of those things I just love to do that I don’t think about it as “writing.” Oh the way my mind works!

Because I’m type A and all or nothing, I think of a book like a massive project that has to be done in a certain way. However, I haven’t quite figured out that “way” yet. I mean, in a film, it’s a lot of organizing and timelines and to do lists. I’ve already done all of that with regard to the book, but I have come to realize that I get stuck when I sit down and write those things on those notecards because they all make sense in my head, but “what if it doesn’t make sense to someone else?” is what I am constantly thinking.

In a blog, you can change it if you find a typo or someone points something out. In a book – it’s permanent. The anxiety it’s causing is often so overwhelming that I just don’t even want to try. Have you ever experienced that?

But, I want this book out of me. I want the world to know that they have a choice in the life they live. I want people to know they really can create the life of their dreams. I believe this. This is me. This is my soul. This is my purpose. So, I will sit here at Denny’s with people giggling at my bright yellow headphones and I will get to work and I will pour my heart out and I will forgive myself if what ends up on paper isn’t perfect and I will forgive myself for not being consistent in my writing as I figure out my “new normal” on the road and I will be an example of someone who enjoys their life.

I feel like I’m constantly “starting” this project and maybe that’s the lesson for this type A producer brain, maybe making this book happen will take a daily “start.” Who knows.

For all the writers/creators in my world, what is your creative process? Have you figured it out yet? I’d love to hear. Please post below this post on my Facebook page <3









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