Life in a Teardrop


I got up from sitting cross-legged on the floor and surveyed the room. It was a disaster.

My focus had been on a tax meeting we have today and preparing for that. Normally, that would be fine and wouldn’t create such a tornado effect, but because we are currently trying to organize for the big sale, figure out what sentimental things to put into the small storage unit we just rented and separate out the items we want to take with us in our little teardrop trailer, things are a bit chaotic and our space had gotten completely out of control.

For days I was feeling the anxiety I get when I don’t know where something is but had just been too busy to do anything about it. Until that moment. I had just finished the tax prep, I closed my computer and turned the TV I had for background noise off and walked over to our vintage looking record player. As I pulled the vinyl out of the sleeve, placed it on the turn table and put the needle down, the sounds of Bob Seger filled the room and I felt instantly better.

As I bopped around the house singing and cleaning, I was brought back to my youth. Music was such a huge part of my life, especially classic rocked played on vinyl. I remembered all the times my mom would put on records as we would clean and laugh. Those were times I felt safe and loved even when my environment wasn’t safe and loving. It is a ritual I can call upon whenever I need to feel that way now as an adult. When I play music on vinyl, it’s almost like my mom is there with me letting me know everything is going to be alright.

I’m going to miss our vinyl record player during our life in a teardrop. I wonder if it will bring the same feelings if the music’s not played on vinyl. I guess there’s only one way to find out. And so, I’m looking forward to cranking some tunes (yeah, that’s what we used to say – I’m older than I look) while I clean up our little teardrop because I imagine there’s going to be lots to clean on a daily basis…oh man…the dirt…ok, don’t panic…it’s going to be fine.


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