So, I was contemplating this blog today because my Women Who Inspire co-author, Brooke Rash and I spoke about so many things during our conversation on the Intentional Inspiration podcast that I couldn’t decide. Our conversation went from waking up to the realities of what we’re doing in our lives through catastrophic events to understanding the backlash we’ve received from others while sharing our journeys, including both the highs and lows.

Then, I was on Facebook today and someone tagged me in a post about nutrition and diabetes which I responded to only because I was tagged. Health (in particular, diet) is a hot button for me so I don’t usually respond to posts regarding it, but since I was tagged, I did. I’ve spent my entire life (well, since about the age of 10 so, I guess almost my entire life) on one fad diet or another. Don’t eat fat! Don’t eat carbs! Don’t eat meat! Don’t eat dairy! It’s been a barrage of what we shouldn’t be eating and it has totally effected me and I certainly have my beliefs around our food industry. But, I also know that my body is not the same as anyone else’s body and the foods that effect me might not effect others in the same way.
That said, those elimination diets have really messed with my system. So, right after my wedding (where I had put on weight instead of losing weight even though I was on a diet), I looked at the adorable face of my new husband and said to him “I’m never dieting again.” He said “cool.” And, I stopped dieting. I began eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it and I lost 30 pounds without even realizing it (I think because it didn’t trigger the guilt binges). However, the damage had already been done and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Now, I believe I can cure myself of this. Which is where my conversation with Brooke and the Facebook post I mentioned above comes in. I believe that the diabetes is a symptom of my system not being able to process all foods properly because I’ve never eaten all foods at the same time. I’ve always removed a major food group from the equation. Listen, I’m not a doctor or a scientist, this is just want I feel in my body and believe for myself. And, that’s the thing…the lady on the post that I was tagged in today, when I expressed my beliefs about my body and my diabetes, completely went off! It was like I walked up to her and punched her in the face. This isn’t the first time this has happened and that’s what Brooke and I talk about during our conversation, the idea that what we’re doing with our own bodies (or, Brooke with her son who has been cured of autism) and our beliefs that things that most people believe are incurable are actually curable would cause a complete stranger to lash out is fascinating.

And, soooooo not about us.

That’s the thing both of us talk about learning as we share our stories with the world. People are reacting from their own place and often times, it’s a place that they haven’t quite processed through yet. So, when we post something that triggers someone else, it’s crucial that we go inside and think about whether or not we actually believe that what we’re doing is best for us and if the answer is yes, then move on. If the answer is no, I’d say be grateful to the person who was triggered (well, be grateful to them either way) because they’ve made you stop and question and make sure that what you’re doing is really inline with what you believe and who you are.

Over the past months with the political climate the way that it is, I’ve hesitated to share certain truths about my journey, hesitated to share my perspective. It’s a difficult position to be in when people are so quick to express their opinion of what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your body and your life. So, I always have to go back to my core belief…

If you’re not hurting anyone and it’s working for you, then go for it!

I believe if we all just learn to shut out the noise and take a look inside and really listen to our bodies and our hearts, the world will be a much better place. It’s one small thing that we can do to change things and if nothing else, it makes our small part of the world a happy place to be.

I’m grateful to Brooke for the conversation, which, like all the conversations with the Women Who Inspire have been, is a very important exchange of thoughts and ideas. I hope you will tune in when Brooke’s episode airs on Sept. 19th. Until then, check out what Brooke’s doing in the world by clicking below:




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