I have to be honest, I’ve been fretting over this blog for days now. To recap how this blog series came to be and what my process is; I was inspired to dust off the old interview skills and talk with all my co-authors from the Women Who Inspire book, write a blog inspired by each of these women (that’s what you’re reading here) and then release the conversations one at a time until the book is released on Sept. 26th. So, each day, I pull up an interview and listen for a phrase that inspires me and then I get to writing a blog about how that sentiment has influenced my life.

Now, I recorded these conversations weeks ago so I have an idea of what I want to write about and how these women impacted me during our conversation, but, I wait until I’m ready to write the blog before I re-listen to the conversations.

Today’s blog is inspired by Desiree Peterkin Bell and she is one of the most fascinating, inspiring women I’ve ever had the pleasure to talk with. Honestly. And, she also works in politics as a black woman. So, there is a lot to write about that and she’s definitely inspired me to have the difficult conversations lately with people in person. I, however, do not think I can write about all that I’m inspired to write about regarding what’s happening in our world right now, in a blog post and so…fretting.

Then, as I listened to our conversation, I was, once again, so inspired and then the beautiful words that Desiree talks about in her chapter were said:

“Don’t let anyone take your purpose away from you.”

And, I remembered that I have decided my purpose is to focus on practical positivity and be an example of someone who lives from that everyday.

Let me define what I mean by “practical positivity.” It doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand, quite the opposite. It means to acknowledge when things aren’t exactly the way you’d like them to be and then focus on the path to get there. Sometimes the path can be messy and it doesn’t always feel good, but there’s a path leading you toward the positive change you want to make. I’m a big believer in what you resists persists and what you focus on grows. I definitely lost my way after this election. I just couldn’t understand and I began to focus on all the things that were going wrong. But, I know that my purpose is to figure out a path to overcoming the things that aren’t inline with the type of world I want to see and begin taking the baby steps towards the change. I mean, as Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I firmly believe that. Again, that doesn’t mean you ignore what’s happening in the world. I believe you absolutely must acknowledge where you are or what’s going on in order to know where to go from there and how to change things for the better.
I think the struggle I’m having right now is that I’m just one person and I don’t feel like I’m making the tiniest difference in the world or the lives of those around me. It feels like I’m being more active when I’m posting about all the horror in the world and my upset around it. I know that sounds strange, but that’s what I’m feeling. I have four really amazing women in my life who I would call “activists.” They go to protests, they sign petitions, they are actively igniting conversations on their Facebook pages and I look at them and admire them so much. And, I’ve tried to be that way too.  I look at them and I think they represent what an activist is. But, the thing I’ve realized is there can be more than one type of activist. I also realized, that I am not what I define as your “typical” type of activist. I am again, someone who believes in what you focus on you get. And, because of that, I choose to actively focus on all the good in the world. I believe that people so often work out of fear and if I can actively talk about how I overcame my own fear in order to work from a place of love and compassion and abundance (again, in a really practical way), maybe I can be an example of that to someone who doesn’t think they have options. That is what I feel my purpose is.
One of my activist friends and I were having a conversation once where I was expressing that I didn’t feel like I was doing enough because being an activist like her just didn’t work for me and she said some wise words. She said “it takes all kinds.” And so, I will say this, we have a choice in what our purpose is. We have a choice in how we choose to expend our energy. We have a choice to live out of fear/lack or abundance.

I am ever so grateful to Desiree for the incredibly real conversation we had and I hope you will listen when it comes out later this month. If you’d like to be alerted to when the podcasts for the Women Who Inspire book come out, please sign up for my mailing list below. If you’d like to learn more about Desiree and all that she’s doing, please click below:




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