Today’s blog is inspired by Women Who Inspire co-author, Kim Flatland and I am so grateful that I had the chance to talk with this incredible human. Her entire message is about breathing life back into your own soul when faced with circumstances that can be depleting and this month has had many situations like that come into my world.

As most of you know, Craig (my husband and I) are taking an epic road trip and really just changing the very core of how we live. We’ve now sold all of our stuff that isn’t sentimental, moved out of our cute little bungalow in Burbank, where we’ve lived for nearly 19 years and are currently living with some amazing friends of ours while our teardrop trailer is being built. It’s not a vacation, but a new way of living and even though we’ve absolutely chosen to do this, that doesn’t mean it has been without its challenges.

Last week as I was about to give up my bed (this is going to sound so silly), I had a complete breakdown and just started sobbing into the cushy pillow top mattress yelling “why do I feel the need to create adversity for myself?” LOL. It’s been those types of moments when Kim’s interview has popped into my head, especially the part where we talked about these amazing affirmation cards she made, specifically the one called Compassion.

I move with grace and compassion for myself today and not demanding perfection.

Wow! Do I need that, often. Especially lately when everything is changing. I’ve noticed it’s one thing to move, it’s a completely different thing to do what we’re doing. When you have a regular move, you pack your stuff up, choose a day, rent a truck, load the truck, drive to the new location and unload the truck. What we’ve had to do is go through every item and decide whether it’s going with us in our teardrop (which basically has the space of a small bathroom), is something irreplaceable and therefore goes to storage, is something we need while we’re still in LA (Craig is still working at an office so, work clothes and such) or goes to charity.

It’s been an intense mental/emotional process along with an intense physical process as I didn’t want to rope anyone else into it because it felt so unorganized because it was just so new. And, so, while having breakdowns and realizing this was new territory, I was able to identify that I was being hard on myself and remember Kim’s words. It was really great and oh so helpful. It’s crucial for us to show compassion and it’s especially crucial for us to realize that the compassion we show must extend to ourselves.

PS – the compassion card is just one tiny part of the amazing conversation I had with Kim. That episode comes out Sept. 8th and if you’d like to get notifications via email, please sign up for my newsletter. I’m really looking forward to sharing these incredible women with you.

In the mean time, if you want to get to know a little bit more about Kim and all that she’s doing to help you feed your soul, please click on the links below.



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