Today’s blog post is inspired by my Women Who Inspire co-author, Lea Imsiragic and our conversation about her work in Energy Astrology. I am not ashamed to say that I completely geeked out during our chat because what Lea is doing is so fascinating (IMHO) because she’s proving scientifically all these things that were once thought of as completely “woo woo.” The one thing she said during our chat that has inspired me lately is the first thing we need to work on is our awareness. Because she is a scientist, I took this to mean that in order to understand where we are and how to move forward, we must first decide to become aware of all the different aspects of the situation.

To give a totally practical example, because during the interview, we definitely dive into how this applies with regard to Energy Astrology and you should tune in when that podcast is released later this month, because Lea explains it in such an easy to digest way. I, however, can not do it justice so I’m going to apply what she said to something that’s been happening a lot with me lately. That thing is people asking how on earth Craig and I are making this huge transition to living and working on the road, work. Well, I do think it began with us becoming very aware.

The decision to go on the road happened one day after Craig and I became very aware of how short life is. We had just had a horrible experience. I was helping to plan a funeral – for a child. There are few things that will make you question life more than the death of someone you love. But, when that someone is a sweet little man who’s life was so short, it just does something to you. I remember being exhausted and crying and I looked at Craig and asked him “if he could do anything in the world, what would he want to do?” and he reminded me that we had always talked about taking a cross-country road trip. I then looked at our wall whereI had hung my vision board and on that vision board, I had a picture of a teardrop trailer. I became aware of the importance of making those dreams, realities and in the same moment, became aware of the fact that we can choose to “live in a happy teardrop or a sad teardrop.” And, so, we set out to make the trip a reality.

That conversation was just the first of many that were really focused on becoming aware of the potential obstacles, the things we really wanted this trip to include and creating a plan to make it happen. But, it really did all start with awareness. I say it often, you must know where you’re at in order to create a plan to move toward where you want to go. I feel like my experience with PTSD has actually really helped me hone the skill of awareness. For years, my body would just react to things; sounds, circumstances, foods, etc. In order to beat PTSD for good, I would have to practice my awareness of these different triggers, learn to accept that they were just that, triggers and then become aware of how to alleviate and then eliminate them as triggers. It was a many years-long process that was truly a daily, in not, hourly, practice in awareness. The thing is that I think unless we are forced, often times, we don’t practice awareness. We go about our daily tasks thinking we don’t have any control. I talk about this in my chapter in the Women Who Inspire book too. The more aware we can become in regard to the life we want to create, the more easily we can go about creating it.

I’m so excited to share my conversation with Lea because she gives really interesting and practical ways to use this awareness (specifically with regard to Energy Astrology) to create the lives we want to have. Until I release that episode, if you’d like to get to know Lea a bit more, please click below:





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