Today’s blog is inspired by my co-author in the Women Who Inspire book, Lisa Khera. When I had the opportunity to chat with her, she said that what she’d love for readers to get out of her chapter is the knowledge that they don’t have to stay in resistance.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes resistance can feel like a nice snuggly security blanket. If I continue to resists the change I know is coming, everything will stay comfortable and I won’t have to feel any of the anxiety I typically feel regarding change. That’s how I look at it at times. The thing is that change is inevitable and lately I’ve been practicing embracing change more quickly than I would have before. To quote my favorite movie, Wayne’s World:

“We fear change.”

It’s as simple as that. And, I’ve been saying this phrase since the movie came out in 1992 because it resonated so much with the comfort I felt in things staying the same. Because of this movie and this phrase, I was able to make a joke out of the massive fear I had around things changing and people just kind of took it in stride. The problem is, again, change is inevitable and now that I’m creating all of this massive change in my life, I’m noticing that I actually really like change – as long as I embrace it quickly. There are certainly two sides to the change coin – anxiety and fear & excitement and wonder.

Currently, I’m consciously and actively working on embracing the excitement and wonder side of the coin. I’m noticing, however, that because I’ve been making a joke of my fear of change for over 20 years, embracing the flip side of the coin is not so easy at times. But, it’s like working out, each time I add more weight to the excitement and wonder machine and am able to lift it, the more strong and powerful I feel. I like that feeling more than I like the feeling of resistance that I have so deeply embraced in the past.
Maybe I can make excitement and wonder the new comfy, cozy, security blanket that fear of change used to be and just like I’ve had to let go of so many of my actual blankets, I can just let the fear blanket go. The only difference is that I think I’ll burn this blanket so that no one else will accidentally pick it up and start wearing it 😉

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