I don’t know about you, but I’m a HUGE visualizer. The thing I’ve noticed lately is that in order to allow for the miracles to come into my life and the manifestations I’ve been visualizing to become reality, I have to let go of what those goals look like.

This blog is inspired by my conversation with co-author of the Women Who Inspire book, Maggie Sullivan. During our conversation, Maggie was talking about not getting something she had really wanted and how she immediately thought about the word “Next.” She said to herself:

“Next. Something just as good or better is going to come along.”

It’s interesting because when I decided to write my chapter in the book, I thought about the fact that writing a chapter in a book is not the goal, writing my own book is but, there would be less pressure doing my first book with other women. There would be a support system, I’d learn the process and then I’d write my book. In my head, this book would just be something I’d do as a “training” project and I would learn the things I needed to learn and then focus on my “real” goals. The book I’d been visualizing my whole life, my book.

Then one day, Kate (our publisher) had a marketing call and as she was talking, I realized “this is my book!” Sure, it’s not mine alone, but it’s mine just as much as anyone else’s and I need to take ownership. That, even though, I had been visualizing a different way of becoming an author, I was still going to be a published author! That’s nothing to ignore, downplay or belittle.

Until I had that realization, things were going great. I was learning a lot, I was realizing just how fulfilling writing is for me, I was able to see how this book could help with credibility. But, once I had that realization and I really took ownership and I embraced the “next,” then things really started happening. I decided to dust off my old podcast/radio host skills and began interviewing each of the ladies and I began to feel different. Better. Great. Fantastic, even.

Then miracles, things bigger than I could imagine, started happening to me. Opportunities I had only dreamed of and imagined became realities and it was all because I wasn’t holding onto what being a published author looked like in my head. I let go of my limiting beliefs and really embraced the idea that something just as good or better will come along.

I know that my interpretation of this quote is probably different from what Maggie had in mind, but that part doesn’t matter. We are all going to interpret things differently. The great thing about sharing our ideas is that people will get from it whatever they need to get from it right where they’re at in life. Right now, I needed to get that my “next and “better” comes from letting go of the way I visualize things manifesting and embracing and owning how things are showing up in my life.

I’m so grateful to Maggie for our conversation and I hope you’ll listen in when it airs on Sept. 18th. to see what your interpretation of what we had to say is. Until then, if you’d like to learn more about Maggie, please click below:






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