I’ve been on a deliberate self-growth journey for many, many years now, some might (myself included) even call me a self-growth addict. When I’m presented with a choice in my life, I often think to myself, “which option will provide more growth?” I’ve blogged here before in my Life in a Teardrop blog, which is about my husband and I deciding to sell everything and go live and work in a teardrop trailer while traveling the USA, about my frustration with my “need to create adversity for myself.” Sometimes I don’t understand it, if I’m being totally honest.

Today’s blog is inspired by my Women Who Inspire co-author, Pamela Michelle. During our interview, she said:

Courage is the catalyst to personal growth

It’s funny because the last word I would use to describe myself is “courageous.” I’m CONSTANTLY afraid of something. Seriously. Sometimes that fear gets to me and sometimes it doesn’t. But, it’s pretty much always there. When I had PTSD, the fear was debilitatingly strong and so now I’m just grateful that the fear is super mellow and it doesn’t really effect me. But, because I’m such a personal growth junky, I also know that when it does start to effect me, I have tools I can use to shift it or bring it back to its mellow point.

But, now that Pamela brings it up, I wonder if courage isn’t not having the fear, but being courageous enough to figure out how to not let it effect you, your life and the choices you make??? There’s this great book and now, personal mantra, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. It’s a book by Dr. Susan Jeffers and it’s a book that completely changed my life. In it, Dr. Jeffers talks about how everyone has fear. The key is to do the things you want to do anyway.

There’s also this amazing concept a friend of mine talks about and I don’t know who originally said it but it’s about the fact that all it takes is 10 seconds of courage and your life can completely change. The idea is that when you’re faced with doing something that scares you, you just have to take action for 10 seconds, usually that action is just pushing the fear aside while you take the first step toward doing the thing that scares you. It totally works and it works better if you just say to yourself (in your head or out loud) “10 seconds of courage!” I’ve made it 7 seconds, myself because I like the flow better and it’s a less daunting number. LOL.

The point is to just take action without making it such a big deal. I’ve noticed that I can get all up in my head and talk myself right out of doing something that would move me toward my dream life because of fear. So, I guess it is courage that is the catalyst to doing something you are afraid of that moves you toward creating your life. Pretty cool concept, Pamela. Thanks for introducing me to it.

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