InspireLife in a Teardrop


“Everything you need is inside of you.”

Wow! Did I need to hear that today.

Today’s blog is inspired by the amazing Women Who Inspire co-author, Shawn Ciociola and her words needed to be heard by me, today, more than I can explain…but, it’s a blog about how she inspired me so, I’m gonna try. 🙂

It’s been a tough week. I’m trying really hard not to let the state of the world effect me, but as someone who is empathic, it’s challenging. The only reprieve for me is that I’ve been too busy with the move to have time to read all the articles and participate in the conversations. On top of all of that, I’m making the biggest move I’ve ever made and I’m trying really hard to just go with the flow, but that’s not always so easy for this type-A producer.

Yesterday, I broke down (again). Craig and I were in target after having finally finished organizing the room our friend is so graciously letting us stay in and going to the storage unit to reorganize so it will all fit. It was one of those rare, normal moments as we walked through the familiar isle of one of my favorite places to shop. We had two things we needed to get and we leisurely made our way to the isle with the coffee pots (our french press just wasn’t cutting it and we needed to figure out a way to brew coffee on the road so that I didn’t get a mouth full of coffee grounds each time I took a drink of my morning coffee-I know, first world problem) and then strolled over, chatting away, to the pharmacy so I could pick up my prescription. I was excited because we were in the Burbank target which is right by our old place so after a week of newness, we were in familiar territory. I was looking at something on one of the shelves when the gate to the pharmacy window began to close. I was standing right in front of the sign with the hours that said they close at 5 o’clock. I looked at my phone, 5:01 and had one of the movie slow motion moments…NOOOOOOOOOOOO (thank goodness this was all in my head at this point).

Craig and I made our way to checkout and then to the car where I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was the perfect annoying end to the perfect annoying week. I don’t deal with change very well and because this is change I’ve created for myself, I’ve been consciously trying to make sure I keep my panic about change in check. But, this was it. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I began telling Craig about how misplaced I feel. I mean, it’s one thing to move from one home to another. It’s completely different not to have a home to move to. I know that will change once the trailer comes in in September, but for now, I feel lost. I am trying to create a routine, but it just feels like we’re on a weird trip (not the kind that involves acid) and that we’ll be going “home” soon.

The night before last, I had a dream that I forgot we moved. I showed up with bags of groceries to our old place and began unpacking. The landlord came in and asked me what I was doing and I was so confused until I looked around and noticed there was nothing in the house except the groceries I had just bought. I embarrassingly apologized as I packed the groceries up and left. When I told Craig about my dream, he asked me if it was because I regretted moving. I said, no. I think I had the dream because we had to move out and make this huge change so quickly. We had originally thought our landlords would give us an extension on our lease for a couple months. When they didn’t, we had to move quickly. We sold all our stuff, put memories in storage, figured out what we’d need to take with us and moved out all within a month. That’s a fast change. So, as I sit here feeling gratitude for our friends and their hospitality, I’m still processing some really strong, strange and new emotions. It feels weird not to have a place of our own to go home to and I’m hoping that feeling changes when the trailer comes in because I am not a fan of this feeling and do not think I can handle a year of it.

That said, Shawn’s words are ringing in my head, “ everything you need is inside of you.” I am going to hold onto those words and be even more grateful to have the addition of 20 incredible women in my life who are truly inspiring and give me a reason to focus on intentional inspiration everyday as we get closer and closer to the launch of our book, Women Who Inspire, on Sept. 26th. I hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter so that you’re in the know about the launch and all the free goodies and blogs and podcasts going out before hand. I also hope that you know that you can get through anything because we are all going to face adversity in our lives and getting through it isn’t pretty often times, but it can be done and we can create the lives we truly want to create.

I hope you have an inspired day <3


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